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Nick Larsen
Nick is a Developer on Stack Overflow's Data Team. Also: dad, GA Tech grad student, high power rocketry enthusiast, connoisseur of head rubs
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A Developer's First Steps To Finding a New Job: Part I, Know Yourself

When a developer first begins to consider moving jobs, most of us start by firing up some job boards and checking out the options. The thing is, most of us don’t actually know what we’re looking for. When I looked for my first job, I thought, “Hey, I’m just looking to see what’s out there.” Eventually I took one of the offers, but I was soon disappointed with my situation. My needs were not being fulfilled, and my most effective work style was not an option at that company. I loved the people that I worked with there and still keep in touch with a few, but outside of that it was basically a waste of my time and ability.

The Developer Cover Letter

Your cover letter is usually the first impression you make to the people at a company. Even if you got your foot in the door with one person, a bunch of people are going to see your cover letter and resume before you actually get hired, and that's going to be your first impression with many of those people. First impressions matter a lot.